Here's how you can help...

Here's how you can help... create a stable livelihood and a perspective for life for the children of UPENDO. Only regular income can ensure the ongoing operation of the orphanage village. We and of course our children are happy about any support.

… and help to shape it!

Already from a minimum monthly contribution of 10.00 euros, you can participate in our heart project. Regular donations ensure the existence of the orphan village. You have the possibility to become a member by completing the Online Form abzuschließen or download the UCV Application for membership and fill it out and send it back to us. Once a year, a membership meeting is held where you are invited to have a say, vote and be proactive.

Even if you do not wish to be a member of the association, we would appreciate every euro you donate to the children. The association works selflessly and all donations benefit the children 100%. of course, you will receive a donation receipt for your support, which you can use for tax purposes if necessary.

In addition to monetary donations, the children are also happy to receive clothing, painting materials and toys. During our visits we always like to take a few surprises with us. Please make sure to coordinate this with us in advance.

Our bank details:
UPENDO Children’s Village e. V. or UCV e. V.
Berlin Savings Bank
IBAN: DE20 1005 0000 6000 0247 10

You can also find us on “Upendo”.


Support education!
Our claim is to be able to send all children to an adequate, i.e. in Kenya normally a private, school. Help us to guarantee this claim! 40,- Euro per month cover the costs for school fees, transport, uniform and books and enable a child to attend school.

Here we would like to “put out to tender” special projects within the framework of the UPENDO Children “s Village. These tenders can be proposed for example by the board of directors of the UPENDO Children “s Trust, but in any case they have been checked on site by the management and the UPENDO Children “s Trust Foundation for their necessity and economic compatibility.

With this we want to give you as a supporter the possibility to support a special investment for the children and/or the village. Be it because you consider this project to be particularly meaningful and worthy of support or also because you feel professionally connected to this measure. With an earmarked donation you know exactly where your funds will be used.

Our most important projects at the moment:

Construction of a photovoltaic system
Construction of a workshop
Roof Small Boys House
Roof Security House Renewal of electrics
Ongoing maintenance of all buildings (painting, repairs etc.)
Sanitary repairs/maintenance of all buildings

Get to know our children and the life in an orphan village and support us directly on site. We have provided more information on the Visitor-Handout .

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

UPENDO Children’s Village e.V.
c/o gpc GmbH
Kantstrasse 129
10625 Berlin

Clara Ramos da Silva Stiefel
+49 173 6939145

We believe that with you we can protect more lives

We believe that with you we can protect more lives

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