Support selected projects.

Here we would like to “put out to tender” special projects within the framework of the UPENDO Children “s Village. These tenders can be proposed for example by the board of directors of the UPENDO Children “s Trust, but in any case they have been checked on site by the management and the UPENDO Children “s Trust Foundation for their necessity and economic compatibility.

With this we want to give you as a supporter the possibility to support a special investment for the children and/or the village. Be it because you consider this project to be particularly meaningful and worthy of support or also because you feel professionally connected to this measure. With an earmarked donation you know exactly where your funds will be used.

Our most important projects at the moment:

  • Construction of a photovoltaic system
  • Construction of a workshop
  • Roof Small Boys House
  • Roof Security House
  • Renewal of the electrical system
  • Ongoing maintenance of all buildings (painting, repairs, etc.)
  • Sanitary repairs/maintenance of all buildings

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