Your Help

How you can help… give the children of UPENDO a steady home and a perspective in life. Only a constant income guarantees the continous survival of the village.

Become a member and join us in the work for the children:

Membership webform or UCV-Application for membership – Download

Once  a year we have a general meeting, where all members are invited to participate, to discuss and to make decisions.

Contributions of any kind are welcome. We rely on your help.

Donate generally or for particular projets and investments!

Of course you will receive a charitable donation receipt for your support, that you might claim as tax exempt.

Our bank details:

UPENDO Children”s Village e. V. oder UCV e. V.
Berliner Sparkasse
Konto: 6000024710
BLZ: 10050000

You will find us also on “Upendo”

Support the UPENDO education fund!

Our requirement is to send all children to an appropriate, in Kenya mostly a private, school. Please help us to ensure this requirement.

40,00 € per month are covering the expenditure of school fees, transport, uniform, books and can therefore ensure education for one child.

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If you have any questions you can reach us here:

UPENDO Children’s Village e.V.
c/o gpc GmbH
Kantstraße 129
10625 Berlin