About us

In 2006 the implementation of the idea of giving orphans a life in Kenya began. In April 2006, the initiator Dr. Michael Fretter founded the German UPENDO Children’s Village e.V. and set out in search of a suitable property in Kenya. His vision was not only to build an orphanage, but also to create a loving home for the children in a large community – an orphanage.

Dr. Michael Fretter

inauguration UPENDO

In order to put the heart project into practice, it was necessary to establish a foundation in Kenya. In 2007 Gerd Blanke, Dr. Michael Fretter, Simone Blanke, Martina Wackerhagen and Uwe Kaiser founded the charitable foundation. This enabled the acquisition of a plot of land and the construction of the orphan village UPENDO Children’s Village.

On the following pages you will learn more about the German UPENDO Children’s Village Association and the Kenyan Trust Foundation UPENDO Village Trust Foundation.