Donate to a special purpose!

Here we want to draw your attention to special projects within the UPENDO Children’s Village. These announcements can be suggested by the chairman but in any case being inspected for their reasonableness, necessity and econimical compatibility on-site by the management and the UPENDO Children’s Trust Foundation.

In this way we want to give you, as sponsor, the possibility to support a special investment for the children and/or the village.

Maybe because you think the project is very helpful and worthy of support, or because you feel occupational connected to the project. With an earmarked donation you know exactly where your money goes.

In the moment we especially need english children’s and youth literature and nonfiction.

We are glad about any financial support as well as we highly appreciate suggestions and ideas.

Here are two examples of purchases, that could be accomplished with the help of earmarked donations:

Fire-fighting system in 2009

and the wooden boxes for the children in 2009.

These are lockable – in UPENDO orphanage manufactured – stools/cupboards which could be purchased for every child. The idea is to give each child a box for their own which they are going to carry with them when they leave the orphanage one day.


If you wish to get a charitable donation receipt, we kindly ask you to indicate your address or the name of sponsor if different from account holder in the reference. Please note that we don’t give out receipts for donations under 200,-€ because the submission of the certain bank statement will be accepted at the tax office. Furthermore the producing and sending of charitable donation receipts costs donation money and time of the volunteering participants. Both resources that we try to invest in the children and the project itself. The children should benefit at the maximum from your support!