The Operating Kenyan Organisation – UVT

The UPENDO Village Trust Foundation is a non-profit operating company and was founded on 12.01.2007 in Ukunda/Kenya by Gerd Blanke, Dr. Michael Fretter, Simone Blanke, Martina Wackerhagen and Uwe Kaiser.

The main purpose of the trust company is it, the reduction of the poverty to to promote and, in particular, to raise awareness among the communities of the remedies for Homelessness, hunger, disease, illiteracy, civil strife, war, Drought, environmental degradation, immorality and other social ills and suffering in Kenya to worry about.

With the construction of the orphan village UPENDO Children’s Village as well as its maintenance and operation together with the associated cooperation with schools and educational institutions, we are fulfilling our vision of giving orphans in Kenya a home and a future.

Since the orphanage was opened in October 2007, two dormitories, a community house, outbuildings and an outdoor playground have been created. Meanwhile 45 children have found a home here.

You can download the complete constitution of the UPENDO Village Trust Foundation here: constitution UVT.


UPENDO Village Trust Foundation
P.O. BOX 1622

The Board of Trustees is currently composed (in alphabetical order):
Hendrik Dusny, Peter Gitahi, Terry Gitahi, Uwe Kaiser, Christoph Kissel, Justus Munyithia, Carsten Vetters

Enquiries can be answered via the German Förderverein.

Phone: +49 30 69537690