The Organisation

Upendo is kiswahili and means “love“.

The UPENDO-Children’s Village in Ukunda offers the children a steady home. These children are either orphans or abandoned by there parents. Most oft them were assigned to our village by the Distict Officer of the Children’s Department in Kwale. Most of them have made sad, often terrible experiences. In the village they obtain loving care and promotion in a familiar atmosphere.

We are glad to see happy, candid children, how they sing and play and laugh together. Two fine dormhouses each for 20 children provide the exterior shelter. The big main house is the center oft the Upendo-family and there is a lot of place for games and sports on the beautiful property.

The house mothers care for the children’s sake while our cook Juma provides good and diversified meals. Education is of high priority to us, as it guides the children to self responsibility. Since April 2009 we offer schoolsponsorships, to provide a good schoolish education, which are amended by the UPENDO-Educational-Fond.