There’s lots to do! An update from the village

Corona is and continues to remain a topic in Kenya and it is sometimes therefore difficult to get an accurate picture of the situation there when looking at it from abroad. However, we are in contact with Purity and Jane, who have taken over the interim management as well as the accounting and controlling on site and report to us daily. Fortunately, all children and adults in the village are in good health.

Our village remains in lockdown. The doors are only opened for shopping and the most urgent repairs. Since the schools are still closed, this is where the children do their homework. And when they aren’t doing that, it is also where they dance and play in the fresh air.

New challenges – there is much to do!

It slowly became apparent to us that our village has been around for 13 years now and is in need of many repairs. Termites have chewed through a lot of the cables, so we currently have to completely redo the electrical system. But, at the moment, other repairs are also urgently needed. In addition to the electrical wiring, things like painting, putting up mosquito nets and installing new stovepipes for the kitchen need to be done.

Some of our children are facing a completely new challenge that has nothing to do with the virus: They are growing up! And that means job training, studying, and living alone. We will report about these changes.

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