All the best for our kids!

The current worldwide, predominant topic COVID-19 unfortunately also affects our orphan’s village. The Kenyans had no chance to prepare themselves for the pandemic in time. Kenya reacted rigorously when the third Corona case became known. Within two days, day cares, schools and universities were closed. Our Upendo Kids were sent home immediately. While in Germany. the supply of toilet paper seems to have been the most important thing for some, in Kenya, it is the most basic supply of clean water, food, and drinks. Since our children will stay in the orphan’s village from now on and will be cared for all day, this means that the costs for food and drinks there will increase immensely. But what worries us most is a possible infection, as the health care system there is in no small way comparable to German standards. Stay healthy, everybody! 
(This photo was taken during our last onsite visit in February)

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