Encouragement video from our village

The “Jerusalema Dance Challenge” has been causing a sensation worldwide for months and has become a viral hit in the Corona era. The kids from our orphan village also took part and even involved the staff. The video was then edited by the kids themselves. Great work and really cool moves!

People from all over the world dance to the song by the South African DJ Master KG and the singer Nomcebo Zikode and are filmed doing so.  “Jerusalema” describes a spiritual place where there are no worries. The catchy tune gets people moving and establishes a global trend: dancing where there is space.

In this spirit: A healthy, happy and powerful 2021 to all.

Video message from orphan village from Michelle

Our UPENDO year was a very challenging year, which we mastered well, not least with the support of our supporters, donors and members. Together with our new manager Michelle, we were able to implement many projects despite Corona. We say THANK YOU, but even nicer is the thank you from the UPENDO kids.

And the UPENDO Christmas song as a big thank you. Nice to see that with our and your support we bring joy, promote life, education and community.


Video message from orphan village from Michelle

We have received a great video message from our orphan village. In it, our manager Michelle introduces herself and gives a little insight into the village. But see and hear also the big thank you to all who are committed to the kids and youth, indeed to our entire team in Ukunda from Germany. Many thanks to all supporters of UPENDO Children`s Village!


UPENDO Children’s Village Sports Day

The start was in several disciplines: sprint (100 m, 400 m, 800 m), walking, potato run (potato on a spoon over 100m), sack race and catching water bags with a bucket. The children formed one team, the employees the second. The children won in all disciplines, except for the 400m run.
Everyone had a lot of fun and the adults enjoyed it just like the children! The idea came from Samuel and Stephen from the village. They then implemented it together with our manager Michelle.

Video-Update aus dem Upendo-Waisendorf

Our children tell what they experience in the orphan village during the lockdown. In addition to privately sponsored school lessons, the kids take care of their agricultural projects, sing, dance and participate in a sports festival together.

Mitgliederversammlung 2020

Report from our general meeting on October 16, 2020

This year’s UPENDO general meeting took place in mid-October. Our newest management member Janine Diek together with the 1st chairman Carsten Vetters presented last year’s results and projects of our orphan village. Many of these projects could be realized despite Corona. The children have also made good progress so far. In addition, both gave an overview of the goals for 2021: In addition to urgently needed repair and maintenance measures, we would like to enable more projects with and for the children (presentation of apprenticeships, art projects), create even clearer structures for efficient decisions and actions, and develop concepts for how we can continue to accompany the children on their path once they come of age. Last but not least, this also includes the necessary further approach of new sponsors and members in order to be able to implement the set goals in accordance with our vision.

Uwe Kaiser laid down his office as 2nd chairman. We thank him for his great support and are pleased to know him further as an active member at our side. René Kissel was elected by the members as new 2nd chairman. René Kissel has been an active member of our association for 3 years, has been to the orphan village several times himself and knows our children and challenge very well. Congratulations and good luck for the upcoming tasks.

SAVE THE DATE: General meeting on October 16th, 2020

Our annual general meeting takes place on October 16th, 2020 from 4 pm to 6:30 pm CEST in Berlin. We will inform you of the items on the agenda and the exact location in a timely manner. We are looking forward to welcoming a large number of members and will also provide rooms where we can meet with sufficient distance. 

Management Purity, Michelle, Jane

Restructured and revamped: Welcome Michelle, Jane, and Janine to the team

In the past weeks we have not only given a lot of thought to the lives of our children in the orphan’s village during the pandemic, we have not only talked about urgently needed repairs and the necessary financial means, we have also discussed at great length about how we as an association can act better and more efficiently both from Germany and on location in order to be even better prepared for future tasks. So we have once again reorganized the management in the orphanage and distributed the responsibilities among several people. Since late July, Kenyan native Michelle Nabwire has been in the orphanage and has taken over the management. Jane Karimi has already been with us since May and handles the bookkeeping and accounting on site. Together with Jane on an interim basis, Purity Wawira, who had taken over the management from Martina Petroll, will once again devote herself entirely to her tasks as a social worker in the orphanage and will be the first point of contact for the children and the housemothers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Martina Petroll very much for her work with the children and the fresh new ideas she has brought with her.

We welcome Janine Diek who will be supporting the team in Germany. She supports us in our daily doings and is above all the direct link in communication with Africa. We will introduce all three newcomers to the team here in the weeks to come. With this new structure, we are confident that we can master any challenges we face today and those that lie ahead.

Photo (F.L.T.R.): Purity Wawira, Michelle Nabwire, Jane Karimi

A look at the village in the times of Corona.

The video shows life in the orphan’s village during the COVID-19 pandemic. All schools are closed and our UPENDO children are safe and sound in the village. Here is a small insight into how they spend the sometimes long day.

There’s lots to do! An update from the village

Corona is and continues to remain a topic in Kenya and it is sometimes therefore difficult to get an accurate picture of the situation there when looking at it from abroad. However, we are in contact with Purity and Jane, who have taken over the interim management as well as the accounting and controlling on site and report to us daily. Fortunately, all children and adults in the village are in good health.

Our village remains in lockdown. The doors are only opened for shopping and the most urgent repairs. Since the schools are still closed, this is where the children do their homework. And when they aren’t doing that, it is also where they dance and play in the fresh air.

New challenges – there is much to do!

It slowly became apparent to us that our village has been around for 13 years now and is in need of many repairs. Termites have chewed through a lot of the cables, so we currently have to completely redo the electrical system. But, at the moment, other repairs are also urgently needed. In addition to the electrical wiring, things like painting, putting up mosquito nets and installing new stovepipes for the kitchen need to be done.

Some of our children are facing a completely new challenge that has nothing to do with the virus: They are growing up! And that means job training, studying, and living alone. We will report about these changes.